The key principles involved in this exercise are balance and flexibility

When your body is well balanced, you have a better ability to control yourself and your movement.

In addition to your lower body, your upper body is also important. When your upper body is well-balanced, you won’t have to brace yourself when lifting heavy objects. It may be difficult to start, but you will build your strength as you do this exercise. If you apply this same exercise daily, you’ll be able to improve your balance and develop a better sense of body stability.

woman stretching hips

STRETCH YOUR CALF MUSCLE (gastrocnemius and plantaris) Stretching your calf muscle is a great way to enhance your balance and flexibility in your ankles and feet. When your entire body is well-balanced and flexible, your movements will also be better. What you need: a towel, a clean rag, a warm, soft, flat surface.

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PROCEDURE Get on your hands and knees, placing the ends of your toes on the floor and the soles of your feet flat on the floor. Position your knees on the floor in a way that your hips are slightly elevated. Hold your right heel just above the floor. Stretch your right ankle (gastrocnemius) and lower leg (calf) so your calf muscle is tight. Hold your left heel just above the floor. Stretch your left ankle (gastrocnemius) and lower leg (calf) so your calf muscle is tight. With your right side on the floor, repeat the same stretches to your opposite leg (left). This time you’ll be stretching your right ankle (gastrocnemius) and lower leg (calf). Repeat the stretches 10 times for both legs.


... and don't forget to use the old training jump rope!